Our Accomplishments

In the government affairs business, it is often said that it is 10 times harder to enact a bill than it is to block one. While our clients engage us for a variety of missions, we are proud to be among the most successful affirmative agenda movers in Montpelier.

We have innovated solutions, led their enactment, and guided their implementation. Much of this work in Vermont has broken important ground on the national level.

Here are some examples:

Consumer Affairs

Responsible mandatory auto insurance minimum coverage limits

Strict liability for Social Hosts furnishing alcohol to minors

Licensing of Hearing Aid Dispensers

Minimum standards for Long Term Care insurance

Minimum Standards for Continuing Care Retirement Communities

Protections against excessive billing of Medicare Patients

Tenant protections against condo conversions

Tenant protections against mobile home park conversions

Pre-paid funeral contract full disclosure and first in nation default fund

Consumer Intervenor status in Medicomp rate setting

Establishment of the Office of Public guardianship

Telephone lifeline subsidy program

Commercial Affairs

Comprehensive Modernization of Cooperative Financial Services Law Supporting Credit Unions

Modernization of cable television line extension policies

Community, Conservation and Growth

Sustained and expanding state investment in permanently affordable housing development

Sustained and expanding state investment in conservation of farms, forests, natural areas, historic properties and community gathering spaces

Sustained and expanding state investment in regional planning

Downtown and Village Center redevelopment programs and incentives

Growth Center development program and incentives

Agricultural soils development and conservation regulatory improvements

Creation of Gubernatorial Development Cabinet

Allowance of accessory apartments as conditional use in all residential zones statewide

State regulation of clear cut logging

Requiring new construction to be made adaptable (Life Span Homes)

Equal Justice

Constitutional Amendment against Age Discrimination

Disability Access Laws

Elder Hate Crimes

Age Discrimination in Employment

Right to counsel in guardianship proceedings

Relief from Abuse Orders

Community rating for Medigap policies

Energy Policy

$26M Clean Energy Fund

Renewable Energy Development Incentives and Regulatory Improvements

Sustained Oversight and Advancement of Low Income Heating Assistance

Comprehensive Energy Planning Implementation and Oversight

Health Care

HMO consumers’ right to appeal health care denials to an independent panel of doctors

Establishment of the Health Care Consumer Ombudsman

Mental Health Parity

Hospital Patients’ Bill of Rights

Nursing Home Patients Bill of Rights

Counter detailing in pharmacy marketing

Minimum staff ratios in Nursing homes

Immunity from state arrest for medical use of marijuana

Innovative opiate addiction treatment programs

Act 160 – Home and community based long-term care as an alternative to institutionalization

Ground-breaking pharmacy cost assistance programs for low-income elders

Living Will legislation

Modernizing Durable Power of Attorneys for Health Care

Establishment of state commission on Alzheimers

Tobacco Control

Workplace Smoking Ban

Clean Indoor Air Act

Youth Access Restrictions

More than $30M of Tobacco Control Appropriations

Workers’ Rights

Nation-Leading Family and Parental Leave Rights

Restrictions against unjust workplace drug testing

Over a dozen victories protecting injured or unemployed workers rights to fair compensation

Short-term Family leave

Prevailing Wage for State building trade contracts

Job security and reinstatement rights for workers’ compensation claimants

Strong governance over employee-leasing companies