Services Available for Our Clients

We are committed to an approach that moves your mission by having clear goals, constant situational analysis, defined objectives, and specific, on-time actions in the following areas:

Government Relations

– strategic planning
– message development
– general counsel for plan implementation
– state capital communications
– eyes and ears – statehouse, agency, and    gubernatorial monitoring
– interest group relations
– “legislative day” services
– community based communications management and implementation

Policy Research and Development

– helping clients build and keep refined their case statement
– design and deploying public opinion polling

Public and Community Affairs

– strategic planning and message targeting
– community group public speaking
– deploying direct mail, phone banking, door to door programs

Media Relations

– message development and targeting
– paid media acquisition
– earned media actions: (ex. press conferences, story placement, editorials)
– coverage tracking and reporting

Electoral Action

– campaign finance and state election law advice
– strategy planning and action guidance
– issue advocacy and public agenda setting

Organizational Development

Government and Public Affairs Training

– trainings for everyone from the uninitiated to the sophisticated

We are Vermont’s leading experts on how 501c3, c4, and c6 nonprofit organizations’ advocacy and lobbying activity is enabled and governed by the Internal Revenue Code and the state lobbying laws. We regularly provide trainings on these matters for the Vermont Alliance of Nonprofit Organizations.